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About Dr. Cortez Sims

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Our focus is to help individuals accept self-awareness, acknowledge, and provide a daily strategy plan to increase one's personal development.

Companies & People I've Worked With

"He is not only a person that talks about becoming your best self, but he also walks it!" Terralyn Frazier

In the field of a consultant, he is an awesome person who provides expert advice professionally . In the field of an educator, he provides instructions and a  broad range of knowledge. As a motivator, He impels someone or something in the business or personal area.

- Elder Brian K. Harris Sr.

Dr. Sims is a great listener and coach. I was fortunate to be in several group coaching sessions with him. I experienced a breakthrough in how to approach my next promotion! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sims.

- Zarinah Nadir, Esq.

Dr. Sims has great leadership skills. He was always available to help if one of the staff or clients needed his help.  I personally looked forward to working with Dr. Sims because he is always so positive and helpful.

-Sheila Jones LMSW

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