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Workshops and trainings

For individuals and corporate bodies.

Explore our trainings and workshops and choose the one that best meet your individual and corporate needs.

Mental Health Training for everyone

Mental Health Facilitated

Mental Health Facilitated training program is aimed at helping individuals, employees and managers understand the impact of mental health and wellness in the family and workplace.
mental health program with dr cortez sims

Whether Individual or Group Coaching

Dr. Sims is there to empower you.

corporate growth with Dr. Cortez Sims

Accelerate your corporate growth

Corporate Growth Excelerated

Go above and beyond. Boost your growth with our staff development & training programs. Our approach is to align our training objectives to your company's mission and goals.

Live to the fullest. Fulfill Purpose.

Purposeful Living Workshop

When it comes to experiencing your work life as meaningful and relevant, knowing your purpose is extremely important. This annual event is designed to connect leaders with their God-given purpose.
Purposeful Living with dr cortez sims

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