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Dr. Cortez D. Sims is passionate about his contribution to the betterment of mankind through Mental Health. His very effective and sound counseling sessions were effortlessly impactful. – Lamont Brown, Author & Speaker


Working with Dr. Cortez D. Sims has shown me a different way to look at my mistakes. Not as stumbling, but building blocks. In my opinion, the purpose of a coach is not only to get you right but understand where you went wrong. – Segun Oduolowu, Entertainment Journalist and Television Host


Dr. Sims’ style of coaching is one where he dispenses gems in a conversational manner. On numerous occasions, I have been casually talking to Dr. Sims only to realize that our conversation was really a counseling session. – Caroleen Smiley, Author & Editor Specialist


Dr. Cortez is a skilled life coach and author. This strength as a life coach is in his compassion to help, to provide tools and strategies his clients can use to improve their day-to-day lives. He was born to do what he does!!  – Dionne N. Arceneaux, Ed. D.


I’m very happy that I decided for my husband and me to get marriage counseling through  Dr. Cortez Sims. It helped me a lot to understand what marriage is all about since this is my first. He taught us how to communicate, to have each other back, never go to bed angry and the #1 important thing is to keep God first in any and everything we do. Dr. Sims keeps it real and this is why I recommend his services. Believe me, you won’t regret it!! – Genee Henry


He is not only a person that talks about becoming your best self, but he also walks it out through his extensive years of education in the area of mental health and spiritual counseling. I have been thoroughly blessed by his counsel and have seen firsthand what he has given as solutions and suggestions become reality.-Terralyn Frazier /The Write Approach, Author, Editor, and Owner


My experience with Dr. Sims as a life coach, counselor, and spiritual advisor has had a great impact on my life. Honestly, his obedience to the gifts and callings upon him has helped me become who I am today. I highly recommend Dr. Sims, what he provides will change your life.-Simone Y. Hawkins-Spiritual Advisor Coaching/ Counselor

Simone Y. Hawkins

Dr. Sims is a natural and authentic counselor who is able to connect with others so they can engage in the process of counseling and coaching in meaningful ways. He listens carefully and nonjudgmentally to truly understand the experiences of people. Dr. Sims’ wisdom and understanding of growth helps his clients to believe in themselves and live their valued lives.

– Dr. Michelle Melton, Melton Psychology Group LLC.

Dr. Michelle Melton

Dr. Cortez possesses the most instrumental skill when working in the mental health field: the ability to connect.  In my 13 years working as a psychotherapist, I have only seen a few that have been able to connect with people in such away.  Dr. Cortez has a knack for this and through this connection, he has been able to set the foundation of healing for clients.

– Ty Simon, LCSW, BCD AZ Clinical Supervisor

Ty Simon

It has been a pleasure to be in the company of Mr. Cortez Sims whether he’s being a listening ear or offering his great coaching expertise that I’m sure is beneficial to many like myself. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sims for coaching/ counseling because he’s exhibited pure positivity to others and he’s extremely passionate about what he does and just an all-around genuine guy with great character.

– Onekia Lloyd-Hair Stylist/Customer

Onekia Lloyd

Dr. Cortez Sims is a long time mentor of mine. He is both motivating and inspiring, but most of all he is honest. He and I have also worked together and during his tenure as our mental health advisor and pastoral counselor he proved to be kind, honest, ethical and overall a great ear for our clients. I am truly thankful for his wisdom and kind nature. –

Tylesha Teruel, BS, MHA.

Tylesha Teruel

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